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off-shore drilling until the cause of the disaster is found. but virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is pushing the administration to continue plans of exploratory drilling off the coast of virginia. he says you don't ground every plane after one crashes and we can't stop drilling for oil. virginia's democrats do not agree. >> this is not just some idle, you know, imaginative risk. this is real risk that virginia will be incurring. >> reporter: moran admittedly favors holding drilling in virginia. and vendors at a seafood market are ordering as much shrimp as they can. environmental protection agency launched a website to keep us all informed of the health environmental impacts of the big spill. you can get there by logging on to just click on 9 news extras. >>> police are hoping you can help to find a missing 14-year- old. jose guevara was missing last night and they are worried about his age and status. >>> why the numbers don't add up between the public schools and the washington teachers union. slipped mastis was there when they brought their different versions
of virginia beach as early as next year but now will they be forced to reconsider? bruce leshan is live with some answers. >> governor mcdonnell says no. he says you don't ground a plane -- every plane after one crashes and said we can't stop drilling for oil because of an accident. they will continue with the plan announced last month for exploratory drilling 50 miles off of the virginia coast where estimates suggest there may be enough oil to fuel the nation for a week and enough natural gas to heat the country for a month. the spill off louisiana is terrifying for those that depend on the sea for their livelihood. >> i wish i could be more optimistic but i don't see how it will be anything short of a catastrophe. >> it forced the obama administration to halt new drilling until it figures out what went terribly wrong and whether precaution and technologies will be required. >> we will make sure any leases going forward have those safeguards. >> i have never supported drilling a of virginia. >> jim moran, chair of the appropriatuations subcommittee on interior and the environment has f
between the prince william parkway up to backlick. that is stop and go. the beltway in virginia, i'm giving it two thumbs up. making your way from 95 to 66. no incidents. hey, maryland, 270, what's up on this interstate? going southbound at speed father hurley to the split. and we have a metro alert to tell you about. the green light is single tracking it. as we take a look on-line at our weather computer. it is single tracking between the prince georges plaza and fort totten because of broken down equipment at west hyattsville. >>> at the top of the hour you will see the signs today, make it a no phone day in the car. it is an attempt to draw attention to distracted driving. we are calling it the great hang up. kristin fisher has more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. well, from our campaign, the great hang up to the national no phone day, both are aimed at doing the same thing and that is exactly what the sign says behind me. you will see it in just a minute. it is urging people to take the pledge too put down their cell phones while driving. you may not know it by driving
. live in vince, la larks i'm jay gray. jim, back to you. >> jay, thank you. >>> northern virginia congressman jim moran says today he asked the interior secretary to reconsider a allowing offshore drilling. in the letter congressman moran says regardless of ideology the situation should give everyone pause regarding expansion of offshore drilling. it is becoming increasingly likely the gulf states are looking at an economic and environmental disaster not seen since the exx"exxon valdez." moran says virginia's fishing and coastal tourism industries are vital to the economy. and if exploration off the virginia coast. make sure the scope of the problems is understood before any drilling permits or leases are allowed. >>> there may now be a criminal probe of the company that runs the west virginia mine where 29 people died earlier this month. a federal law enforce many official says that the fbi has interviewed nearly t two dozen former and current massey energy employees. the official says the fbi is looking for evidence that the richmond based company engaged in criminal negligence
, virginia, and it happened sometime after midnight last night. megan lagrath has the story on how it all started. >> well, good morning. this all began with a call to 911, smnl reporting that a family member was in psychiatric distress. police responded and inside the apartment, they found a very agitated man, they say. they say that officers had no choice but to use a taser. that man later died. police say paramedics were on the scene when the man went into cardiac arrest. but despite their efforts, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators are now waiting for the relates of an autopsy to see if the use of a taser played a role in the man's death. it all began just after 12:30 this morning with a 911 call. a resident at the wildwood park apartments on columbia pike said a visiting family member was having a psychiatric emergency. according to a police spokesman, when officers arrived, they encountered a naked, agitated man. >> they found an unclothed and uncooperative male. the officers were forced to deploy a taser to bring him under control. shortly thereafter, they notice
this morning. we have a few clouds out of west virginia, virginia. lighter sprinkles passed north overnight, and temperatures on the cooler side in spots. gaithersburg, baltimore 43. it is 43 culpeper. 48 fredericksburg. 53 southern maryland and hello our friends on the eastern shore you are at 45. looking at the day at a glance, a chilly start and warm finish. we will be in the lo 60s pretty quickly. 70s for lunchtime and even warmer over the weekend. it is 5:00. good morning. happy friday, angie. >>> doesn't that sound nice? happy friday. we are already geared up for the weekend. don't worry. we're going to get there. 66 no problems to report from manassas to inside the beltway. taking it to the beltway in virginia, check it out, the construction has cleared near 985 and 236 and also around 66. hello, maryland, lanes with wide open from 121 to the split on 270. back to realtime graphics and show you pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue and crane highway. all of the roads are accident free and call it a wrap with a look at inbound new york avenue. we are moving at speed between the washingto
gray. doreen, jim, back to you. >> jay, thank you. >>> man from virginia died after he was tasered by police in arlington. the officers say they were trying to control the man in an apartment on columbia pike and that's when they used a taser gun. that man died this morning. derrick ward is in arlington and has more on this. >> reporter: we are learning a bit more about the victim that died in the third-floor apartment in this building during the incident you just talked about. we are also learning more about the training that police officers typically undergo and what's men to be non-lethal force. when police responded to the call for a psychiatric emergency at the wild wood apartment in arlington, they encountered adil jouamai. he had been staying here with relatives. >> family member that initiated the call to the police department. >> reporter: police say he was nude and uncooperatedive and there was a struggle. an officer use ad taser on the 32-year-old man. they noticed he was not breathing. >> already dispatched to the scene and they were there and provided medical treatment
in and out of baltimore, and good on 95 in virginia. back to you. >> thank you. >>> breaking news, arlington police are investigating the death. we know it happened sometime overnight along the 5500 block of columbia pike. we have a group for on the way. >> we are turning to the latest developments from the gulf coast on this friday. oil is washing ashore in the mississippi river delta. morris on the way. this is just the beginning. the leak from a sunken oil rig could be worse than the exxon valdez spill 20 years ago. the federal parliament is moving quickly to contain the disaster. courtney robinson has the latest. >> this oil deep within the gulf waters just off the coast of louisiana is threatening to wipe out hundreds of marine species and with it -- >> nobody knows where that oil spill is at. >> the fishing industry that relies on what is beneath the surface. >> this is of national significance. >> oil seen as a reached the coast with thicker oil off the coast. a state of emergency is in place. the federal government is stepping in, using oil- dispersing chemicals. they're using experi
>>> plus, a scoop about ken cooccinelli, he said it was cost virginia $350 has turned out to be a fundraising ploy. we have the evidence. and we have the evidence that vladimir putin fears nothing, as long as anything scary is drugged and blow dried to look pretty before he has to face it. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >>> ready or not, here it might be. turns out they're going for immigration reform. yeah. the long-awaited yet largely unexpected fight to reform federal immigration policy is as of today unexpectedly upon us. the tick-tock of what led up to this is head spinning. last night president obama told reporters on air force one that congress probably lacked the, quote, appetite to take on immigration this election year. that comment from the president led to the broadly understood truth expressed by this completely conclusive associated press headline. it's not going to happen. immigration reform off the agenda, so says obama. this morning house minority leader john boehner, quote, there is not a chance that immigration is going to move through the co
in the bedroom of a 13-year-old girl in fredericksburg, virginia. jackie benson spoke with the family. >> hit picture and shattered the picture. >> reporter: this is the hole made by a 9-millimeter bullet that went through three walls, two exterior and one interior, and a house plant before bouncing after the wall of a 13-year-old girl. it was about 4:00 p.m. wednesday. the eighth grade student had been lying on her bed studying moments earlier. >> then i got a call and i answered it and like i just dropped the phone and then i picked it up. she was, like, what was that noise? i was like, i don't even know. when i came out, it was kind of smo smoky. that's why i thought it was the outlet that exploded. then i came in here and saw the hole. >> reporter: she did what any teenager did in that situation. she called her dad. edward campbell is executive chef at the restaurant. >> the damage it could have done to my daughter, that's the ultimate. >> reporter: police were called. once everyone was assured she was okay, the question became, what happened? >> it was the neighbor in the adjacent apartm
or longer to tackle. >>> plans for drilling oil off the coast of maryland and virginia are still in the works. this disaster could change that. we will take a look at that at abc 7 news at 6:00. >>> here is what else we're watching -- the temperature. we could be in for a hot weekend, with temperatures headed toward the 90's. putting away the sweaters or good? -- for good? >> let's take you up to our rooftop camera and look at the skies. it is clear once again appeared we're in the 80's in most places. -- it is clear once again. we are in the 80's in most places. 72 in annapolis. let's look at temperatures for tonight. we will fall through the 70's. 62 should be below. it will be a very miles 9. we could tie or break record highs. -- a very mild night. we could tie corporate record highs this weekend -- tie or break record highs this weekend. >> you can always get an update on our website, available 24/7. >>> a man died after being taser by arlington police. it is the second time in as many months that the supposedly- harmless device has been linked to a death. >> that i
prove otherwise. a similar law was passed in prince william county, virginia. we see how it worked so far. >> when prince william county passed a bill similar to arizona's law there were expressions, expressing outrage and praise. >> since the law went in to affect we have thousands of illegal aliens leaving our community. our crime rate dropped 38% in two years. >> reporter: corey stewart say the community has been transformed for the better. more than 2300 illegal immigrants have been deported. >> we ended up changing our policy a little bit to check essentially everybody who is arrested for any crime whatsoever. that eliminated the possibility of racial profiling. >> our county was severely hurt economically. many people left the county. prince william has had some of the biggest depreciation of homes of anywhere in this area. >> reporter: nancy says the law devastated prince william county and continues to undermine public safety. >> people don't come forward to testify as witnesses. they are afraid to do that. they are afraid to report crime. >> reporter: the issue is clearly div
to the waters of virginia, maryland and d.c. oil rigs 60 miles off the coast of virginia and maryland would not be visible from the shore. but drilling critics say that does not eliminate the risk. >> all it takes is one catastrophe accident like this one to permanently foul beaches and permanently harm other interests on the coast. that is the risk all along. >> reporter: the oil industry, which has made headway in recent weeks on the issue of drilling admits it will face increased opposition because of the disaster. >> this does provide ammunition for those folks who don't believe in developing our domestic oil and natural gas resources. that would be a monumental mistake. >> reporter: before the political battles over the future of drilling can start in washington, the real battle raging in the gulf of mexico plays on. this afternoon, democratic senator ben carter of maryland took to the floor of the senator saying he is against the president's plan to open up offshore drilling. he said the chesapeake bay could be permanently damaged. virginia's senator jim webb said he still supports of
how that will get financed for the future. when we extended the corridor to lynchburg, virginia, we were panel to use equipment that was available, that extended from the northeast corridor to provide that service. but there are areas, as you say, for example, one of the corridors that i think has great promise, is the milwaukee to madison corridor, for example, for the future. that will require the rebuilding of the tracks and it will require additional equipment, and you have a state that's made a strong commitment in regard to that, being wisconsin, and both in terms of equipment that they would buy and pay for, in some cases, on their own, and also applying for and rebuilding the line between milwaukee and madison or at least part of that line, that they own. and i think that's where the key for pria came, that the states would take a leadership role in those corridors for the future, not only with adding packs and facilities, but also with the equipment. we're there to help them. but they're going of to -- take a role in that process -- going to have to take a role in that proc
. a similar law was passed three years ago right here in nearby prince williams county virginia and tonight andrea mccarren paid them a visit to see how it worked out there. >> reporter: when prince williams county passed a newbill similar to arizona's new law, there was demonstrations expressing both outrage and praise for the unprecedented move. >> since the law went into effect, we have thousands of illegal aliens leaving our community. the crime rate dropped by 38 % in two years. >> reporter: corey stewart says the community has been transformed for the better. more than 2300 illegal immigrants have been deported. >> we ended up changing our policy just a little bit to check essentially everybody who is arrested for any crime whatsoever. that eliminated the possibility of racial profiling. >> our county was severely hurt economically. many, many people left this county. prince williams has had some of the biggiest depreciation of homes of anywhere in the area. >> reporter: nancy lyle says the law devastated prince william county and continues to undermind public safety. >> people don't
the driver to lose control and hit the parked bus. >>> virginia governor has approved the sale of nearly $500 million in bonds to fund transportation pro sex jects around the state. it will -- projects around the state. the governor has given the green light to the sale of $293 million of bonds in fiscal year 2011 and another 300 million through 2016. >>> service is back to normal on the green line tonight. a piece of track equipment broke down between fort totten and prince george station this morning causing delay. the equipment has been removed and service is back to normal. >>> a traffic alert in the district with roadwork expected to create some delays. this will impact traffic around several bridges including case, frederick douglas and south street bridge. the 11th street bridge will close for five minutes at a time and cambridge closed until early monday morning. for more on the details, go to and click on web links. >>> fox 5 working breaking news right now. sky fox high above a terrible accident in annapolis where a 3- year-old has been hit by a car. you can see law enfo
system before he will be extradited to virginia. >>> d.c. police released an identity of a woman called while crossing the street near nationals park yesterday. 42-year-old amy ellen polk of a takoma park worked as a contractor for the department of transportation. police say she was crossing the street near the navy yard metro station in the morning when she was hit by a truck. she was not in the cross walk at the time. >> head-on collision involving two tour buses leaves both drivers with serious injuries tonight. this crash occurred at hains point on ohio drive in southwest washington. around 10:30 this morning when a tour bus traveling on the wrong side of the road struck a park tour bus head-on. >> ran head-on. the one driver -- both drivers were trapped pun one was pinned in there and trapped for about 45 minutes or so. >> we don't know at this point which -- which direction that bus was going. so that's going to be part of our investigation. >> no passengers were aboard either bus. only the drivers. the damage to the tour bus was extensive and investigators say it is unclear just
to move its headquarters to virginia and not maryland. bob ehrlich says the state didn't do enough to entice the prestigious fortune 500 company. governor o'malley denies the claim saying that they were offered $32 million in incentives. but ehrlich says it's not enough. more incentives are necessary to reverse the perception that maryland is not business friendly. >> it appears that we were not taken seriously. we were used for leverage and maybe that got northrop grumman a better deal in virginia. >> the good thing is they have people on who are employed in maryland and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> maryland put a competitive offer but ultimately economic and available real estate was the deciding factor. >>> the debate over bringing table games to maryland is a legitimate issue, however he says the state still needs to work kinks in the slot gamble machines program. voters approved bringing as many as 15,000 slot machines to five locations in the state three years ago. it was part of the referendum that the govern or governor o'my supported. none of the locatio
of virginia and not to maryland has entered maryland's gubernatorial race. touring a auto recycling plant. he ehrlich blamed o'malley for not getting them to move here. $22 million in incentives was offered but ehrlich was not impressed. >> it appears we were never taken seriously. we were used as potential leverage, maybe, that leverage got north north a better deal from virginia. >> we would have liked to have been able to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news is north north has 11,000 people that are currently employed in maryland. and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> a spokesperson for north north said maryland put together a very competitive and impressive offer. now that brings us to the question of the day. is maryland doing enough to attract businesses in the state. so far 17 percent of you say yes. and 83 percent say no. paul from union bridge writes on our website, if maryland was such a business friendly state businesses would not be leaving for better conditions in other states. >> well, it is shaping up to be a great weekend. >> yeah, chief
to virginia and not maryland is sparking debate between the candidates for governor. assist john rydell reports, the two candidates disagree over whether the state did enough to close the deal. >>as he tours an auto restyling plant in columbia bob ehrlich raises questions about the deal that got away. reacting to news that northrop plans to move from los angeles to virginia. maryland had hoped to land the 300 executive jobs. and the prestige of a fortune 500 company but ehrlich claims o'malley did not do enough to entice them. >> it appears we were never taken seriously. used as potential leverage, maybe that leverage got northrup a better deal from virginia. >> state officials deny it. they say maryland and montgomery county offered the company a total of $22 million in incentives and company's ceo explains why he chose virginia. >> proximity and available real estate played a big role in it. but the economics also played a big role. >> we would liked to have been to be able attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news, is northrop grom man has 11,000 people currently
much. >> let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> the problems right now in virginia, if you are traveling northbound along glebe road at eighth street, overnight crash took out a utility pole so the roadway remains closed northbound glebe road at eighth street while they try to restring some wires. meanwhile, if you are making the trip southbound along 270, lanes are open out of hyattstown, below speed here as you work your way out towards the truck scales. no incidents, just volume delays. 270 also in good shape as you continue out of rockvillehooded rockvillehood -- voccolaville out towards the split. you are up to speed in each direction at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> investigators are rying to figure out how a man died in arlington. police responded to an ain't at the wildwood park apartments on columbia pike and a suspect died. medics tried to revive that suspect. the story is still unfolding. we'll have a crew live on the scone and more details coming up at 6:30. >>> now to the developing story of the environmental disa
is criticizing plans to allow offshore drilling off the virginia coast. the southern environmental law center says it would be a big environmental threat offering little oil and gas in return. off the brittany coast, visit would last only days or weeks -- office of virginia coast, they say it would only last days or weeks. >> president obama promised latino groups that he would take up the immigration reform during this first year in office, but the struggling economy and election-year politics if have caused him to postpone the issue. >>> arizona lawmakers have made changes to the controversial immigration bill is signed into law last week. lawmakers responded to charges it would lead to racial profiling by standing restrictions on using race or ethnicity as the basis for police to stop and ask for person's immigration status. the changes, on the heels of two lawsuits seeking to overturn the law. >> president obama has begun interviewing potential supreme court nominees. federal appeals court judge sidney thomas was invited to the white house last night and vice-president biden took part in
. >>> all right... coming up: a virginia man has his vanity license plates recalled. why the state has decided the state is inappropriate. >>> holly is exploring a weekend event you don't want to miss. if you're on the streets of baltimore, you can't miss it. >> yes, that is definitely fair to say as we are checking out the kinetic sculpture race this morning. american visionary art museum. coming up, we are going to take a look at a few more entries this year. we'll find out how you can become an entrant. you might want to come to baltimore to see this museum. that's all coming up later. >>> here's a look at today's trivia question. what oscar winning film featured a scene with an estimated 300,000 extras? titanic? lord of the rings? or gandhi? the answers coming up in just a little bit. if you want to take a guess now, head to our facebook page. fox five morning news right back. (woman) these are my mom's shoes. i walked in her shoes all 60 miles. (laughs) (man) when they first told us she had breast cancer, i was scared to death. i thought that i was gonna lose my best friend. (woma
gust of wind is believed to have caused that mishap. >>> a warning for police in one one virginia community saying some moving trucks may be haul ago way a lot more than you think. >>> nice start to a beautiful looking friday. i'll have all the details on the forecast including the weekend and julie wright will be in at some point to give you a look at on-time traffic as well. what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today. >>> national park service wants you to be safe this season when you visit the c&o canal national park. if you remember, last year, six people died in the potomac. the park service says it is largely because people underestimate the power of the water. >> having spent seven years working i
. meanwhile, in virginia, northbound 395 slow going past duke street up towards king. reports of an accident tying up the far right lane. kenilworth avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> our top story this morning: the massive oil spill in the gulf, larger than what we first thought. government officials say the blown out well is spewing about 5,000 barrels of oil a day into the gulf. >> at that rate, the spill could eclipse the worst ever in u.s. history. craig, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, allison and steve. the leading edge of that oil sheen is watching ashore. it's oozing its way into shore, getting closer minute by minute. officials are fearing this could become the worst environmental disaster in decades. >> reporter: hundreds of species are threatened, including fish, birds and other wildlife and businesses that rely on the gulf could be driven to bankruptcy. it's a cleanup that could take months, well after crews are finally able to plug the well some 5,000 feet below the surface of the gulf of mexico. >> this is a very significant event and it'
investigation of what happened in the west virginia coal mining accident as well. so, there is all sorts of things where the government is involved in investigations or potential investigations out there which is part of the whole reputational risk and risk going forward. >> and all of the risk that is playing in the equity market, and on the flipside, it is having a real positive effect here with commodities, and it is not the only reason why we are seeing the commodities higher today, but the concerns out there, and the fact that particularly in the gold markets people don't know what is going to happen with greece. they want to cover themselves in terms of being in a safe haven and looking to gold, and that has gold prices today closing for a record of the year where we are above 1180 and we will see 1200 like we did in december which is the way that the gold is going. in other commodities the risk trade is back on and this is not counting with bp and the impact it is having on oil prices and the psychological support there. >> yes, a great point, because gold once again acting as the
in the virginia mountains. here is the next weather maker. it is a cold front. it is just beginning to move east. it will track northport but it will take a couple of days to get here. -- it would track north word. by sunday, humidity is coming into the picture. today it will feel springlike. tomorrow, summer-like. summer-like by sunday as the humidity rises. here is the forecast for today. mostly sunny and warmer. west wind at about 10. 79-84 for the high temperature. the sunset is almost 8:00 p.m. nice, long day to enjoy this nice weather. here are the clouds to the north. a couple of clouds in the mountains to the west. as we go into saturday, the cold front may start generating some thunder shower activity in the mountains to the west of us. there could be an isolated thunder shower here. a better chance on sunday afternoon because the pair will be more humid. temperatures will be just as warm. -- because the air will be more humid. by monday, the front gets ill lot closer. here is the forecast. dry today, 82. more humid on saturday and sunday. a chance for a thunderstorm on sunday. the rain
in charleston, west virginia. much colder temperatures are coming in behind a cold front. the trajectory is not coming here. defects of it will. -- the effects of it will. there are tornadoes watches any effect across the country. through the day tomorrow, we will have a lot of sunshine. we will have war mayor and humidity. we may see an isolated thunderstorm in the -- we have warmed air and humidity. we may see an isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. we will keep an eye on the storms out west. they could defect the kentucky derby. -- effect the kentucky derby. your saturday forecast -- upper- 80's with a better chance of showers or storms on sunday afternoon. a nice stretch of whether through most of next week. -- weather through most of next week. >> the toyota sports desk -- the toyota sports desk, molding you forward. >>> the gnats are hot -- nats are hot. when they have one three of their -- they have won three of their last four, four of their last 6. they are having fun, playing with confidence. they start at three-game weekend series in florida tonight. not so much for the ca
time finding their way out. >>> in west virginia, the owner of the coal mine where 29 miners died is trying to settle with their families. the blast april 5th was the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in 40 years. and several families are suing. the daughter of one of the victims says the massey energy company is offering each family $3 million. massey has not confirmed that report. >>> the l.a. based insurance company criticized by president obama for a big proposed rate hike has a backed down. anthem blue cross wanted to boost rates for californians by up to 39%. anthem withdrew the proposal yesterday after its parent company, wellpoint, announced a 51% jump in first quarter profits. >>> the pda has approved a new kind of drug for prostate cancer that uses the body's own immune system to fight the disease. it's called provenge and dr. sanjay gupta explains how it works. >> reporter: the treatment will be taylor may for each patient. immune cells will be taken from a patient, they'll be shipped to this lab in new jersey and mixed with a protein found in prostate cancer. those immune
the virginia gold cup races on saturday. should be good weather for that here. we are starting off cool and fresh with sunshine and near 50 in washington. 40s in the suburbs and rural areas. highs should be near 80 and partly cloudy into the mid 80s and warm and humid on sunday. we could get thunderstorms and a slight risk that could be severe sunday late afternoon and evening. lingering showers drying out >> suddenly the favorite is looking like devil may care. how fitting. i can now throw to meredith. >> al, thank you very much. >>> now to florida and the bombshell dropped by governor charlie crist. on thursday the life-long republican announced he's leaving the gop to run independently for the u.s. senate. his decision comes just months after being ripped by fellow conservatives over an embrace with president obama and effectively makes former florida house speaker marco rubio the republican nominee. first we are joined exclusively by governor crist. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> great to be with you. explain this to me. a few weeks ago you put out a st
. >>> the daughter of one of the 29 men killed in west virginia of the coal mine explosion says the owner massey energy is offering each family $3 million. massey says accepting wouldn't bar families from taking legal action. the month's explosion is the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years. >>> traffic was tied up on a busy chicago expressway after a dog took a stroll. after 30 minutes, the dog exited the highway and took a swim before disappearing into a forest. >>> coming up next, we have an important tax vote today. >> it could help you pay more when you drink. >> why baltimore's mayor wants to raise the taxes on baltimore's beverages in the city. >>> that massive oil spill is threatening marine life and why the military may be brought in to help. >>> police had to evacuate another neighborhood in aberdeen. what woman thought she found. >>> hundreds of cribs are being recalled. what dangers are they posing to your babies? >>> this is your news to go. it's 6:42. >> we go to louisiana for a live report in a minute. this is just horrible. we're talking about our shrimp, our crabs and se
and yesterday the high was 70 and we are well into the 70's. west virginia is 77. notice the dew point is in the 40's and that is really dry air. we should be in the 60's tomorrow and upper 60's by the end of the weekend at night. the pollen count is high. 72 was by yesterday and the average was up -- is 71. we may exceed the average it today. lots of milder air is building in from the deep south all the way to the north east. it will be worn in detroit through pittsburgh. the wins will come out of the southwest on like the wind we had earlier in the week. with the heat will come more humidity. we will see that on the back out of the weekend a system will approach and will set the stage for some scattered showers and thunderstorms sunday and the first half of next week. by the middle of next week, temperatures cool off. tonight, near 60 downtown, 60's in the suburbs, and we will be mid to upper 80's by saturday sunday is a better chance for widespread showers. it is a lot of up and down. take it easy. >> thank you. >>> more on the interview with rielle hunter. "good morning america" ar
times. >>> and in west virginia, the owners of the coal mine where 29 men died earlier this month, are offering each family a $3 million cash settlement. massey energy has also offered them a large insurance payout, family health coverage, and college payments for children. the families say taking the money will not bar them from legal action. >>> we know of president obama's first interview of a potential supreme court nominee. thomas is 56. he was nominated to the bench in 1995 and was confirmed without a fight in the senate. >>> and the president was among those shedding tears at the funeral of civil rights leader dorothy height. hundreds gathered to honor height yesterday at washington's national cathedral. in his eulogy, the president put height among the pioneers of the civil rights movement. >> they are leaders whose legacies we teach. they are giants who fill our history books. while dr. dorothy height deserves a place in this pantheon. she, too, deserves a place in our history books. >> height led the national council for negro women for decades. she died last week. dorot
virginia, maryland y el distrito de columbia... ante la situacion economica, muchas personas tienen esperanzas que su numero sea el ganador... "la suerte no es para todos, el que tiene suerte esta bien, pero seria bueno que sea una bendicion eso, que cayera en los pobres, en pobres" "seria increible, sacar uno la loteria, seria maravilloso" "comprar en un lugar, construir para recoger a todos los viejitos de mi pais en el salvador y ayudarlos" la opcion de dinero en efectivo es de 138- millones... hay una en mas de 175- millones de probabilidades de ganar el premio gordo de megamillions... en colombia momentos de panico vivieron los habitantes de tacueyo, en departamento del cauca, en un ataque guerrillero que duro una hora y media... varias casas, el centro de salud y la iglesia resultaron con graves danos....hace apenas dos dias, los subversivos habian atacado a esta misma poblacion y dejaron tres personas heridas... debido a los fuertes combates se suspendieron indefinidamente las clases en siete escuelas de la zona... y ahora en ausencia del socio, est
, no pueden tomar alcohol en los parques federales por aqui, por virginia o maryland, aqui" reportera: en maryland, maria rosa lucchini univision... alrededor de 217-mil cunas de l graco estan siendo retiradas del mercado por la comision de seguridad de productos al consumidor, debido a un mal funcionamiento de las varandas, las que podria atrapar y estrangular a los bebes el retira es para las cunas de madera fabricadas por la compania lajobi con el logo de graco y vendidas entre febrero del 2007 y marzo del 2010... la gencia federal recibio 99-quejas sobre estas cunas, incluyendo dos casos de infantes y seis ninos que se cayeron debido al mal funcionamiento de la varanda lateral... los familiares del inaltemigran vida en una calle de nueva york por defender a una desconocida, esperan sus restos en los proximos dias... los padres de hugo alfredo tale yax aseguran que no sabian que su hijo estaba desempleado y que era indigente... tambien senalan que abandono su natal totonicapan con rumbo a este pais hace unos seis años, en busca de un mejor futuro para mantener a s
will be inching in. i think those storms will stay through areas of west virginia. our chance of showers and storms around here are not until the afternoon on sunday. so a really nice weekend coming our way. here's your forecast. slight risk of storms in kentucky and tennessee. for tomorrow morning, it's not going to be as chilly. start out in the upper 40s to low 50s. sun's up tomorrow at 6:12. take a look at tomorrow's forecast. clear skies. warm breezes coming through the area. tomorrow, we should crack 80. a lot of neighborhoods, locations tomorrow. your four day forecast, up to 87. almost 90 on saturday. i think there will be a lot of locations on sunday that hit 90. and then we're back to the 7 o's by the beginning of next week. as well as right through the mid portion of next week. enjoy all your outdoors. >> a nice hot weekend. >> all right. thanks, veronica. still ahead on news 4, crossing another frontier. the first woman getting ready for duty on navy submarines. >>> brooks light, a good sayer man. dan has the story coming up. here's to the believers. the risk-takers. the visi
on the sunset. up to 74. 74 bwi. 72 # 3 eastern maryland. and stanton, virginia in the shenandoah valley 81. locally, though, we are at 76, one of the warmer spots in arlington and bethesda, columbia, easton at 77. brandywine, 79 and in fairfax you are 70, reston 78. reagan national having a great day out there, 72. the winds are south at 8. a couple of clouds. mostly sunny. and the dew point, the dew point is creeping up. in the 80s yesterday morning. it is creeping up. that's a sign the humidity wants to return. show you something that is interesting here. nasa has a terra satellite. high resolution cameras on this thing. this is the gulf coast. mobile bay here. you have lake ponchartrain, new orleans and the mouth of the river. this is the oil slick from that disaster that's going on in the gulf of mexico with the explosion of the oil drill and rig. well, you can see, looks like the size of jamaica. this is the mouth of the mississippi river and the oil is extending to it that's why they are racing against time to do what they can to be prepared because some of this will come on shore an
for the lane divide. no problems to report on the top side approaching and passing 109. traveling in virginia, it is northbound glebe rooted north of arlington boulevard but before you reach columbia pike there at eighth street, overfight crash took out a utility pole. we have that across the roadway northbound fwleeb road at eighth street remains closed. 395 looking good crossing over the 14th street bridge. -- northbound glebe road at eighth street remains closed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> new this more than, investigators piecing together what led to i aman's death in arlington this morning. >> sherry ly is live with more on this developing story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now, police are still remaining very tight lipped about what happened here in arlington. this happened at the wildwood park apartment complex. we're told it was 12:40 this morning when police arrived here for an incident, a problem that someone described as being crazy from what we understand. what happened after that at this point, we do not know. we do know tha
virginia. 9 workers die -- 29 workers died at the explosion at the upper branch mine and they're looking into possible criminal negligence on part of massey energy. the company offered families of those killed $3 million apiece. >>> jury in knoxville convicted a tennessee man on two counts of hacking into sarah palin's private e-mail account. david kernel was acquitted on a third charge and the jury deadlocked on a fourth but he faces maximum of 21 years in prison. palin was a witness for the prosecution. >> lesson is out there now that it is not good to do, to hack into somebody's e-mail in a campaign but greater than that is the lesson that needs to be learned it's not a good idea to break into anybody, candidate or not, anybody's personal information to try to embarrass or harass or diminish their security. >> two brooklyn men declined to enter pleas in court appearance in alexander, virginia, after being accused of providing material support to al-qaeda. one went to yemen, they say, took an oath of ale jens and the other performed assignment for al-qaeda in new york. why is a world l
as well as currency to the group. they appeared in a virginia court this afternoon. in convicted, they could face 15 years in prison. >>> goldman sachs' shares of the company stock plummeted following the announcement of a criminal investigation being conducted. and now the race for the gap between the three front-runners in is a statistical dead heat. tony blair hit the campaign trail for his successor. the coast guard brought down a 1300 foot navigation tower. it was completed in 1961 and part of the maritime and flight communication system. but it is no more, wolf. >> the coast guard are very sis bee in the gulf of mexico. as crews scramble, is sarah palin sticking by her motto drill baby drill? what the former alaska governor is now saying about this disaster. and we'll get a firsthand look at the first play layers of oil that reach land as the president is over. at least on paper. does it take some of the pressure off of him to keep jump-starting the economy? provides critical financinghl to more than 300,000 growing companies. ♪ you stood in the basement gathering dust wh
go with virginia senator george allen on a somewhat more dangerous road he took in terms of language. let's listen. >> this fellow over here with the yellow shirt, macaque, or whatever his haim is, he's with my opponent so let's give a welcome to macaque here, welcome to america and the real world of virginia. >> you know, clarence, before that happened i thought george allen had it all. an incredibly famous name. his father was a very popular football coach here in l.a. and also back in washington. he had the religious people with his, the conservatives with him. very charming guy to hang out with. and he makes a comment that most people took as racial. >> that's true. i was surprised, too, by how much he plummeted afterwards. partly because how he handled it. not just the weird word, macaca in itself. and brown is in that same situation. by the way, i don't disagree with michael in regard to the word "bigot" being awfully strong in regard to this woman. immigration is a big issue, a hot issue right now in england. a lot of working-class voters are, indeed, upset about it. maybe the
deepening its investigation of the coal mine explosion that killed 29 people in west virginia earlier this month. the mine's owner massey energy company faces questions about repeated safety violations. law enforcement officials say the feds have interviewed nearly two dozen current and former massey employees, just in recent days. we're told investigators are looking for evidence that the company engaged in criminal negligence. a spokesman for massey says the company is cooperating and that it denies any wrongdoing. massey's stock plunged an additional 11% today. another twist in the tale of the iphone prototype reportedly lost by an apple employee at a bar in northern california. in case you haven't heard about it, the gadget blog gizmodo published pics and video from the thing a couple weeks ago. apple asked for it back, gizmodo obliged. the saga is turning into a criminal investigation. we are learning that 20-year-old brian hogan is the man who sold the phone to gizmodo for reported $5,000 and he is playing defense. his lawyer says somebody else found the phone on a bar stool and
the capacity to inspire other people to do the best they could. " she was born in richmond, virginia. she excelled in academics and led the national council of negro women for decades. tributes in words that included a not too were a signature style of colorful hats. >> she loved her flowers, hats, her daily sweet potatoes. >> we came to love her. we loved her stories and we loved her smile, and we loved those hats that she wore like a crown. >> a final farewell to a woman ahead of for its time. >> a tremendous example for women. . 6:28. there is much more to come in our next half hour. >> immigration reform could be coming to maryland. >> >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning and welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us. john collins has a quick look at the forecast. >> the sun is out. the temperatures are temperaturesto 10 degrees warmer -- the temperatures are five to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> could immigration bill back to come to maryland? >> the answer could be yes. jennifer franciott
burley just last year. >>> northrop gre grumman to movo virginia instead of maryland is sparking discussion between the candcancandy indicates. ehrlich says that is not enough. more business tax credit and is needed to reverse the perception that the maryland is not business friendly. >> it appears that we were never taken seriously. we were used as potential leverage, maybe that leverage got northrop a better deal from virginia. >> we would have been like toe to attract the 300,000 jobs to maryland. they plan to grow the job base in maryland. >>> a spokesman for northrop grumman said that the maryland put a very appealing offer but the economics and the location 1 out. >>> we have great experts to help you get started on the path to fitness and it's free. it's going to be a lot of fun. this morning megan gilliland is live with a taste of what you can expect. you were doing pretty well on the dancing last time. megan. >> reporter: i immediat i neee bit of work. we have set up a couple of exhibits, just a little taste of what you can expect tomorrow. you saw us on the i-dance ov
is investigating the west virginia mine where 29 miners were killed in the explosion this month and the federal mine and safety administration. they are looking into possible bribery from massey energy. >>> and goldman sachs may be facing a criminal investigation on top of the civil lawsuit filed by the fcc, which is accusing the firm of defrauding investors. federal prosecutors in new york are looking into criminal charges against goldman eer its employees. and >> it's hard to tell where that is illegal or driving exsples it corruption or where it's stupid and needs to be reformed. we need investigations and more investigations and more investigations, quite honestly, so the fact they are looking into massey and may look into goldman -- remember, they said we could look at the civil charges, and then sometimes an fcc lawsuit will trigger the department of justice or the criminal authorities to look further, and that's all that happened here. >> what will they look at criminally? would this mean seeing goldman executives in handcuffs? >> yes, all of that is possible, not probable, but possible
. >>> a virginia man was killed this morning when police used a taser to subdue him. police say the 32-year-old man was unclothed and uncooperative and they were forced to use a stun gun on him in arlington. >>> the district's chief financial officer and school chancellor michelle rhee spent a long day before the city council talking about the current school budget. gang did told them he could not approve the tax because of a multimillion-dollar short fall. >>> along the gulf coast, federal, state and local officials are trying to avert a major natural disaster. derek mcginty is live with the latest on that massive oil spill. derek? >> reporter: as you know, the news gets worse and worse. when i show you a picture in a second. but we have seen the first of what will be many thousands of oil-drenched animals coming out of the gulf of mexico as the spill looms closer to the coastline. this poor creature was found near fort jackson, louisiana. the doctor there is feeding it pep sew business moll of all things. that helps the bird in case it accidentally ingested the oil. the louisiana governor is uppi
is eric smith, a teacher out in west virginia signing on the dotted line offering the seller over the asking price. he says he would have bought it without the tax credit, but it helped. >> it is going to allow me the extra money that i can use to make other investments in the home, itself, as far as improvement to it, and help me to get some furniture for downstairs and thing likes that. >> so, all of the big homebuilders have countdown clocks to push the final buyers off of the fence into contracts. lamar is keeping many of the offices open until 10:00 tonight and all you need is a $25 down payment to buy a home. ryeland homes is offering to double the tax break, and they are pushing hard, because they are not getting the bump last november when the tax credit originally expired. you can see the volume rising as the tax credit went into effect, and peaking in november and december and dropping off vociferously. we are not seeing the same volume as march, because so much demand pulled forward. the government stimulus in housing is going beyond the crash again. the tax credit may
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